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  • Mein Schatz 8:46 am on August 16, 2010 Permalink
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    Tyler Farrar, Back on Form 

    After a disappointing series of crashes that resulted in a broken wrist in the second stage and a DNF in the Tour de France, Tyler Farrar of Wenatchee, WA has repeated as champion of the Vattenfall Classics.

  • Mein Schatz 6:24 pm on June 25, 2008 Permalink
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    Travels with Schatzie: Day 37-38 Middle of the Universe 

    Middle of the UniverseToday I woke up somewhat regretting the big day yesterday, but still hoping to make some good time. I did discover Hill City today, however. While its namesake is actually some founder named Hill, it is also extremely hilly country, as I discovered most of northern Kansas to be. The heat and the hills shortened my day to only about 57 miles, and I camped at Webster State Park, right on a reservoir. The water was dingy and gross, but a quick dip livened me up and a relaxing afternoon helped recharge me. Some folks from the Kansas Tourist Bureau took my picture riding my bike up and down one of the roads in the park, so when you get your Kansas travel brochures in the mail next year, make sure to look for me. I’m the one one the bike.

    Leaving the park I planned a big day, perhaps all the way to Glasco! Along the way, I managed to see some fairly unique and – if I do say so – magnificent things. The first was Osborne, KS, geodesic center of North America, the place where all surveys originate in more or less this hemisphere. Actually I was 18 miles north of that exact spot, but there was a plaque, so I figure close enough. Next I saw the World’s Biggest Ball of Sisal Twine in Cawker City, over 17,886 pounds of twine rolling mayhem, just sitting along the side of Main Street. Lastly, I camped in Beloit, swam in the public pool, set up my tent in a free park – which was extremely nice – and had dinner with the mayor, district attorney and their families. They just happened to be camped next door and fed me until I could barely walk, which was good because I’ve been losing weight lately. I rolled into bed just as the fireflies started sparkling.

  • Mein Schatz 5:15 pm on June 11, 2008 Permalink
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    Travels with Schatzie: Day 27 – Into the Rabbit Hole 

    Continental Divide Rabbit Ears PassI started the day a little later than usual, since it has been so cold lately, and the early starts have been less than pleasant. I’ve found that the riding I have gotten in before nine the last few days has been difficult and strenuous, and I have had trouble regulating my temperature, constantly taking clothes off and putting them back on again. So, I slept in.

    First of all I should say that Steamboat Springs is a fantastic town. Everyone was extremely friendly to me, the scenery is gorgeous, and almost everyone seems to own a bike. I have loved all of western Colorado, but Steamboat Springs is at the top of the list of great places to visit.

    On my way back through town around eight thirty after spending the night at the local RV park, the local bike shop hooked me up with a few free packets of recovery powder, which taste terrible, but seem to work pretty well. Then I set out for Rabbit Ear’s pass, a nightmare of a climb to say the least. The first ten miles out of town were relatively flat and smooth. I drank some energy gel the shop worker suggested for me a few minutes before, and I was feeling pretty good. The letdown came a couple hours later, and I am still not convinced that any of those gels, liquids, or powders do much of anything. A good peanut butter sandwich and a chocolate bar are usually good enough for me.

    The pain started around mile ten, when the road turned distinctly up, and was at 7-8% grade for the next seven miles. I managed to make it with only three rest breaks, and once at the top the road was pretty smooth and mostly downhill. The wind, however, was not at all smooth and sometimes downhill, sometimes uphill, sometimes crosshill and slanthill as well. Thirty miles of terrible wind meant what was supposed to be an easy coast to Kremmling was almost harder than the ascent itself. This was probably the most grueling day I have experienced on the trip, and I only went about 56 miles.

    I made it there around four o’clock, however, despite the wind and the non-existent shoulder on Highway 40 and met some wonderful ladies in the Kremmling Chamber of Commerce who helped me find a campsite for the night (only $7!) and told me about the big city of Kremmling. Tomorrow I am off to Winter Park. Hopefully the wind will be less whipping for that journey.

    • The Bruce 8:04 pm on June 11, 2008 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Mein Schatz, take it easy on the chocolate bars, we don’t need another another fatty buckling the legs of the US health care system.

      You’d better pedal extra fast to burn off those calories…

  • Mein Schatz 3:48 pm on June 9, 2008 Permalink
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    Travels with Schatzie: Days 22-23 – I am the Engine 

    Schatzie Fitness Poem Steam Engine

    I am the engine that muscles and burns
    the engine that cranks and turns up the
    endless peaks and down winding roads;
    I am the engine that never corrodes.
    Foot before mile, inch before foot,
    you can’t count my horses,
    you can’t measure my torque, because
    I am the engine of unknowable force.


    I made this up and started singing it to myself while climbing Daniel’s pass today, culminating in 8,020 feet of mountain mayhem. I had a cup of coffee at the lodge at the top. Apparently I wasn’t the first one there. The wind picked up on the way down, but it was for the most part a gentle downhill for the next fifty miles. After yesterday’s ascent to Park City and today’s little climb I am ready for some smooth sailing on flat roads, and it looks like eastern Utah is going to give that to me.

    I am camping for the night at an RV park on Starvation Reservoir and managed to pick up a wireless signal from somewhere nearby. No cell phone service though. Technology is weird.

    Today broke my streak of days with no bike disasters. I broke a spoke on my rear wheel today, and while it had been quite untrue for a while, it quickly became a complete disaster and I was forced to spend about half an hour truing up my wheel on the side of the road. Its definitely not perfect, but it will do. The bike will surely need a tuneup in Denver, less than 400 miles to go. I also have eclipsed the 1,000 mile mark, yesterday, if I recall.

    Utah is cold, but very beautiful, and the weather has held up nicely, sunshine all day long. Weatherman says that should hold true for another few days, so maybe I can make it to Denver by next Thursday.

    Take it easy everyone.

  • Mein Schatz 6:21 pm on May 30, 2008 Permalink
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    Travels with Schatzie: Days 11-14 Boise 

    I really have enjoyed Boise. I’ve been staying with a college friend of mine, Shannon for the last few days, sitting on her couch getting fat and watching TV. She’s been feeding me really well, too much I think. I’ve also worked at a Starbucks on Broadway to get a few hours. That was a fun experience, met some cool people and earned a few dollars.

    Visited with my Aunt Renee and Cousin Blake and had dinner with them at the Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Phil joined us, and we had prime rib, delicious. We rode around town first for a while. I have found Boise extremely easy to navigate, and even so have gotten lost more than four times. Three times just yesterday.

    Knees are still bothering me a bit, but hopefully they will get in line after another day’s rest.

    Thank you to Theresa for sending my ground cover, apron, and that bottle of soap bubbles to blow in case I get bored. If I get stranded in the middle of Utah, I’ll use them to signal for help.

    Hello again to Ms. Hall’s class. Thank you for all your questions and good advice. I will answer a few more of your great questions:

    1. I have been sleeping ok, mostly only five or six hours a night, but I’m getting used to sleeping on the ground. And, unfortunately, I did not bring any stuffed animals. Phil will have to do for the next few days.
    2. I have not gotten hurt in like five days, new record.
    3. Idaho has been pretty flat so far, but there have been a lot of horses, as well as cows. (Idaho is apparently the third largest dairy producer in the US.)
    4. No snow right now. Let’s hope it stays that way.

    Check out my new pictures, and I’ve started adding to the bicycle quote page. Also, I apologize if any of you have tried to email me without success. That will hopefully be up and running soon.

    Tomorrow, Friday, Phil and I are going to head out with the goal of reaching a campground near Grand View, ID, about 90 miles away.

    See ya!

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