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  • Free Radical 8:02 pm on January 14, 2011 Permalink  

    Dog Bites… I Mean Shoots Man 

    If this isn’t news I don’t know what is.  My favorite part is that they are quoting a prosecutor.  Is the hunter pressing charges?

  • Free Radical 12:31 pm on August 5, 2010 Permalink  

    We Can’t Hide from This Forever People 

    Can’t help myself.  Skip to part 3 to learn about our favoriet president. (=

  • Free Radical 12:20 pm on May 7, 2010 Permalink  

    There but for the Grace of….Well Who are We Kidding, We’re Right Behind you Europe 

    Boy, there’s a lot to blog about this week, like the fact that financial turmoil is devouring Greece.  Are we next on the menu?  Well no, Portugal is, and then Spain, and then probably Germany and France and then us.  But I have a feeling it won’t take long to work its way down that list.  For more fear mongering click here, and then here.

    • Mein Schatz 9:00 pm on May 8, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I have recently been considering Marx’s theories on government and society, and realizing how brilliant he really was. He saw exactly how things would happen. He observed the discontent among the less fortunate will compile exponentially as population grows in a closed system. He saw communism happening; he predicted its course; and he outlined the steps it would take to get there.

      Never mind that some of his predictions might be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy as a result of the millions of lunatics who actually think his ideas would be an improvement on the natural order of the world (dynamic capitalism). The natural world is not a socialist kingdom. Eat or be eaten may not be the jolliest way to start each day, but it creates invention and motivation, and ultimately the cream rises to the top. Sharks are the monarchs of the sea because they are the best, most efficient rampaging beasts in the ocean, not because all the fish got together and voted for the animal with the prettiest smile.

      Europe has become a continent of guppies, and there are some serious sharks in the water (India, China), ready to devour them by the mouthful. At least the guppies will have their “free” doctors “free” transportation and “free” fish food until the sharks finally finish them off.

      • Free Radical 11:54 am on May 10, 2010 Permalink

        Yeah I think you’re right about Marx, and about Europe being a continent of guppies. The unfortunate thing is that we are in the process of transforming from shark to guppie. If we don’t notice what the end result is going to be and shake ourselves out of it soon I fear it will be to late. On the subject of Chinese sharks I wrote a post about that not too long ago as well.


  • Free Radical 12:45 pm on April 30, 2010 Permalink  

    Cap-and Trade 

    I am addressing energy issues on my blog, starting with cap-and-trade, why it’s a solid concept and why it’s execution will be a disaster.  Take a look look takers.

    • Mein Schatz 10:04 am on May 2, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Thousands of pages for simple solutions. That is what government does in every aspect. Simplicity is anathema to these people, because their task to govern equitably is every day superseded by their overwhelming greed for power.

    • Free Radical 4:42 pm on May 2, 2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply


  • Free Radical 10:35 am on April 23, 2010 Permalink  

    Short Memories 

    I found this video in an old post on Money Illusion.  Is it me or is the political climate in this country getting so ridiculous that it’s becoming comical?  Sumner’s first paragraph is correct, but he’s wrong about the filibuster.  Also, I think the size of government does “head toward 100% of the economy in the long run.”  I’ve never known one to shrink in a significant way through the normal political process.  The only reason they don’t make it to 100% is that they can’t sustain themselves and eventually collapse.

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