High Speed Trains, 21st or 19th Century Tech

I would love to be able to hop on a train and be in Chicago or New York, in comfort and style, I might add, but this is more or less impossible given the current state of rail transportation in the US today. Now, we could get into a long finger-pointing session blaming the city planners and big business from the middle of the last century for the dirth of railways and light rail systems, but there are plenty of geographical and logistical problems to building a train infrastructure across one of the physically largest nations in the world.

This CNN article outlines some of the federal government’s plans for investment in the bones of a high speed train system. The voices of critics cite a lack of evidence for improved travel times or even a reduction in emissions, waste, or traffic, but I tend to look upon these “assessments” with a bucket of salt. Its easy to make numbers look the way the automobile apologists want them to look. I am interested to see where all of this goes.