Anti-Rape Device, Condom with Teeth

South Africa, home of the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament, also has one of the highest number of rapes in the world. Women, desperate to protect themselves, sometimes resort to placing razor blades in their genitals or wearing extremely tight biker shorts to discourage their would-be attackers. A doctor who has witness countless violent rapes in the country, after twenty years of development, is now ready to distribute a new anti-rape female condom, with sharp rows of tiny teeth on the inside. The device can be inserted and worn by women concerned for their safety. Once it attaches to an offending member it cannot be removed without medical intervention. Their is hope this will help curb the rampant pestilence of rape in certain parts of the world, but there are doubts as to the efficacy of such devices. Fears persist that this will only encourage enraged violence from a would-be attacker, and arguably no anti-rape device will ever change the culture of rape that plagues these nations.