Putting Sarcastic Quotes Around the Constitution

I remember watching a video about the Bill of Rights in a public policy class in High School. Bill Maher, a notoriously vocal liberal and constitutional deconstructionist, was telling me how the ‘founding fathers created the second amendment well before the invention of assault weapons or handguns, and therefore the freedom to bear arms is an outdated and immoral one.’ He laughed as he said this, like it were some big joke that all of us young and inexperienced students were well aware of, and I remember this dismissal of some of the most astute, forward-thinking men in history rubbing me wrongly even then. This belief that modern man and modern society are so far removed from the values and beliefs of ages past (for better or for worse) persists, and perhaps even grows stronger, as the stranglehold of revisionism is crushing the life out of conservatism. One of the latest affronts to the magnum opus of the Enlightenment, the US Constitution, comes in the form of a warning label, printed on copies of historical documents, suggesting that these documents are more or less racist, sexist, and elitist diatribes written by war-mongering, uneducated, bigots during a time when life was cheap and society was morally bankrupt. I might be exaggerating the statement a bit, but I feel I’ve captured its spirit.

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