More about potentially poisonous foods

I have been on a chemical kick lately, namely chemicals in my food that may or may not turn me into a girl, make me sterile, or considerably increase my risks for cancer, disability, or death. The spotlight is again focused on domestic and imported produce, which in some cases can harbor up to 67 different pesticides and other chemicals on the surface and under the skin. As I have mentioned earlier, the FDA does not regulate or test for combinations of chemicals, but merely sets benchmarks for individual exposure. The possible interactions of dozens of synthetic compounds in the human body is staggering. Your doctor wouldn’t proscribe you medication without first asking what other drugs you are taking, for the risk of potential side effects and interaction is very high for many medical substances. While no physician in his right mind would ever write a script for pesticides with a hefty dose of growth hormone, their possible interactions must be considered with as much alacrity as if he had. The above article gives a long list of dangerous, and not-so-dangerous produce (it is CNN and not a scientific journal, so imbibe with a grain of salt).