N. Korea Accused of Torpedoing S. Korean Ship

Could we possibly be seeing the reescalation of conflict along the North/South Korean border? North Korean government representatives are calling the accusations by South Korean officials as “reckless remarks” by a “group of traitors.” This is of course referring to the entire South Korean government. They also call the sunken ship in question part of a “puppet navy.” Is this entire country filled with crazies? It seems like North Korea doesn’t live on the same planet with the rest of us. Between their insane claims about having acheived nuclear fusion and the general lunacy of their leadership, the potential eruption of violence that could engulf Southeast Aisa and even the rest of the world is stirring a small pit of worry in my belly. Their people are starving, they have no infrastructure or industry to speak of, North Korea is a loose cannon with the potential to go off at any minute.