The Environment, Soon to be Extinct?

It seems the scope of environmental disasters as of late have consistently escalated beyond the “worst disaster” in (insert region, state, or nation here). The latest culprit is the monumental oil spill off the Gulf Coast that will likely continue to spill thousands of barrels of oil per day into the ocean for weeks or months into the future. I have faith that eventually science will overcome our present energy woes, given that all matter is energy, locked up in a tiny box, and we need only to mint ourselves a few keys to unleash to true potential of the atom. The future is soon, but is it soon enough? With the stresses we are placing on the world around us growing exponentially more severe every year, I see the human race consistently crossing thresholds of no return. Dead is dead; extinct is extinct. From polymorphic frog sexuality to drastically out of order nitrate levels in the soil and water, we are doing our best to alter the world around us in alarming ways. And for what? So a mass of uneducated, oversexed, obese, do-nothings can buy another television and drink another beer, while watching more of the same while sitting on their asses in front of said television? Humanity, there are days when I find myself ashamed to admit we are related.