Another Reason Not to Eat Crap

Most people should know that food additives, preservatives, most of the things in food that aren’t food also aren’t all that good for you. I’m not suggesting that cancer, AIDS, or Ebola are lurking in your soda pop or your bag of french fries, but the health threat these “foods” present are real, nonetheless. And, for so many reasons that are barely understood by the average person. In fact, the real reasons why many of the things we put into our body might be bad for us may still be beyond the reach of science, but the general principles of nutrition, metabolism, and the molecular world of the human body are becoming well elucidated. As I learn more about it, I have in some sense grown to appreciate how plastic and adaptable my body is, capable of surviving under the most extreme of metabolic conditions, but I have also come to appreciate the blinding complexity of it all, and recognize the potential dangers hiding in the bag of pork rinds or inside a can of soda.

This article warns about the dangers of excess phosphates imbibed when enjoying a carbonated beverage or a bag of potato chips. These researchers genetically manipulated mice to have near-toxic levels of phosphates in their bodies, and, not surprisingly, they exhibited signs of extreme aging and drastically shortened lifespans. While this is not the equivalent of a two-soda a day habit (more like a thousand soda a day habit), noticing the effects of metabolic imbalance urges caution on the casual drinker, eater, smoker, snorter, or drug-user of any kind, that the bodies we live in are fragile, and although they are capable of handling a pretty hefty load of crap, there may one day come that soda that breaks the camel’s back.