Greatest Hits: The Billy Joe Shaver Trial

Texas Crime Rates 98-2008

Texas Crime Rates 1998-2008 -

Recently found not-guilty for aggravated assault, here some gems from the three day trial of Billy Joe Shaver in Waco Texas:

“Hopefully things will work out where we become friends enough so that he gives me back my bullet.”Billy Joe Shaver (regarding the man he shot)

“He was a big bully, the worst I ever seen — a big bad one. And I been all around the world.”-Billy Joe Shaver (describing the man he shot)

“I’m from Texas. If I was a chicken shit I would have left.”Billy Joe Shaver (regarding why he shot the man instead of leaving)

“I get more woman than a passenger train can haul,” -Billy Joe Shaver (regarding whether or not he was upset the man was interested in his ex-wife)


“I don’t think Billy Joe would do anything wrong. Whatever happened, I don’t think it was Billy Joe’s fault.” -Willie Nelson

“Not-guilty” – The Jury