Sex Toy Safety: Denmark’s #1 Priority

Phthalates, hormone disrupting chemicals found in some synthetic materials, including a variety of commercial sex toys, have been associated with infertility and disruption of sexual development in boys and girls. The full range of the potential hazard has not been elucidated, but enough evidence has been amassed to convince environmental protection agencies to regulate their content in a variety of products. Recent deliberations in Denmark’s parliament have centered around the creation of legislation that would limit the quantities of these plasticizers in products of pleasure, raising questions about the government’s priorities.

It is especially concerning to me, when governments involve themselves in scientific decision-making in response to misunderstood science or misinformed opinions. This article attempts to describe the real threat/benefit of these chemicals, suggesting all this hoopla is mostly hype perpetuated by flawed data and fanatical, elitist organizations like Greenpeace, who similarly tried to force a ban chlorinated water, one of the most important public health advances of modern times.