Dubai: Couple Jailed for Kissing

The hard-line, conservative values of the Islamic population in the United Arab Emirates is again at odds with the ever-growing population of foreign ex-patriots that populate its cities. A British couple in Dubai was arrested, tried, and convicted of public indecency and alcohol consumption and sentenced to one month in jail and a $300 fine. The sentence stood through appeal, and it looks as if Dubai will be standing by its condemnation of Western values.

You can’t have it both ways Dubai; you can’t take the West’s money yet expect to retain your medieval sensibilities. One or the other is going to lose. Unfortunately for the people of Dubai, the main losers will likely be the citizenry, which has seen few, if any, benefits from the rampant development but has born most of the burden. They will be asked to either give up their values or their livelihood as economic pressures mount in the face of overwhelming foreign debt.