States Passing Laws to Supercede Health Bill

As the dubious deadline for passage of the national health reform act approaches, some states are balking at the idea of its infringement on their citizens’ right to choose their own health coverage or lack thereof. The mighty Idaho is leading the charge with the Idaho Health Care Freedom Act, and 22 other states have seen similar legislation in recent days. There is a widespread call from the people of America that they do no wish their health care mandated from the high holy seat of the White House.

This Newsweek analyst suggests the health care bill would encourage the same sort of inflationary spending that caused the housing bubble to burst without addressing any real needs of the people, which is access to more affordable health care, not forced participation in an overburdened system.

The liberals are approaching a majority on this bill, but America is not approaching a solution on this issue. We will pay the price in years to come, if this omnibus bill passes and thereby erects another money pit out behind the capitol building.