Big Fattie Fat Fat

Comrade Obama

Let's insure this woman on the backs of the proletariat.


Donna Simpson, world’s fattest mother, who gave birth to a socially doomed child in 2007 at a whopping 530 pounds, has decided to become the world’s fattest woman, with the lofty goal of 1000 pounds. In order to achieve this goal she has decided to completely cease her already morbidly limited level of physical activity and continue to imbibe more than 12,000 calories a day. This costs her more than $800 a week, and her 150 pound boyfriend, who apparently loves “bellies,” is happily supplementing her income to see her gain as much weight as possible.

As I read this article I noticed my fists clenching. I hate this woman.


I hope she chokes to death on a chicken bone.


And I hope her “belly man” is smothered in his sleep by her sixth chin.