No Gay Preschoolers in Boulder

The daughter of a pair of lesbians was a student at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School in Boulder, CO. She is no longer allowed to attend, since her parent’s bedroom antics have become public knowledge, and the school decided they no longer want toddlers with two mommies polluting their halls. Now, its hardly the child’s fault her parents are in violation of Catholic principles, but nevertheless, this is a private institution, with its own private rules for admittance. This conflict outlines one of the underlying problems in modern America: Universal Acceptance vs. Established Mores. These two ideas, one which values all people for their humanness, the other which realizes that a functioning society is built on historical precedent, are constantly at odds, but never more so than in the religion/constitution barrier. I have to fall on the side of private enterprise and cast aside the moral/ethical/religious aspect entirely. If this school had a rule that no students may be from families that have purple houses or work as garbage-men, it should be their right to do so.