FAIL: FAA employees pull TSA grade shenanigans

In yet another blow to the reputation of air travel, air traffic controllers at New York’s JFK International Airport, pulled a prank that one would expect of TSA employees.

In tapes obtained by CBS News, the boy is clearly heard:

Boy: AMX 403, Contact departures. Adios.

Pilot: Contact departures. Aeromexico 403. Adios.

An adult — reportedly a controller — made sure the pilots were in on the joke, Wallace says.

“That’s what you get guys when the kids are out of school!” the adult says on the tapes.

Another transmission from the tape:

Boy: Jet Blue 171 cleared for takeoff.

Pilot: Cleared for takeoff. Jet blue 171.

Boy: Jet Blue 171 — contact departures.

Pilot: Over to departures. Jet blue 171. Awesome job. (chuckle)

-via Nashua Telegraph

What is truly astounding to The Bruce is the befuddlement of the FAA regarding how this happened in a high security area.