CNN, making sense?

Another good article on the CNN website, really giving a perspective on where health care money comes from. Here is a small excerpt, trying to explain to Congress who actually pays for health care in america:

“Health care today is paid for by three entities. The government (federal, state and local) pays more than 50 percent of the costs. That is us, the taxpayers.

The insurance companies pay about one-third of the costs. That again is us.

We pay the premiums and the insurance company pools the risk, and distributes our monies back for the medical services. They obviously add an overhead cost as does any business, but it’s still our money being paid out.

The third payer is again us. Out-of-pocket reimbursements or additional fees come directly out of our pocket and paycheck.”

This is really basic, people. There is not, in fact, a money tree.