Olympic Condom Supplies Dangerously Low.


The ancient Greeks also had problems with Trojans.

VANCOUVER – Olympic athletes, long hailed as the best of the best  in the world of sports have recently set new records in sexual performance. As many as 100,000 condoms were distributed to Olympians prior to the Vancouver games (that’s 14 condoms per person, not per male) and supplies have run perilously low.

“I’m not sure these guys can compete under this kind of pressure,” remarked one commentator, “At this level you need to be lose, relaxed; the kind of relaxation you only get from twenty or thirty orgasms.”

In record breaking time, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS has sent an emergency shipment of fresh contraceptives directly to the Olympic Village. But will 25,000 more condoms be enough to provide Olympians with the mojo they need to set new standards in athletic excellence? Only time will tell.