The Brain, I hear its important

Physiologically, biologically, genetically, chemically; human beings bear increasing resemblance to flies and worms and bacteria as one descends to smaller and smaller views of the picture of life. The only truly unique emergent property of the human animal is his amazingly powerful brain, one that outshines the most complex of computers in the many trillions of internal connections it makes, and one that has proved its superiority on the battlefield of evolution if not for its immense size (although surprisingly quite a bit smaller than one of our extinct ancestors), then definitely for its versatility. However, in an age when we are just discovering the amazing potential of the human brain, our culture is simultaneously attempting to poison and destroy that delicate instrument. Drugs and alcohol are easy culprits at which to point a wagging finger, but there are many more subtle and insidious killers: obesity, laziness, and lack of intellectual stimulation are all factors in the dumbing down and subsequent destruction of the human brain, and new evidence is emerging that these factors, along with many genetic causes that are just beginning to be understood,  play an important role in the onset of various dementias in elderly adults. So, I plead with the people of America: love your brain, I hear its important.