And it came to pass that The Bruce wrote

Every some while the sobering reality of life and life’s motivations are brought to staggering light – perhaps by something you read, or the observation of a friend or loved one. And so it is that in an instant we are reduced to the essence of our inner most self. What makes that self tick? Indeed a great many number things can fuel the soul, but without a doubt none so unstoppably powerful as my God.

So I meditate and pray on life and those motivations and today I share them with you, dear friends of The Sagamore Journal. We have rallied and failed. We write and then we wander. We have been observers of the arena and quick to point to the other man’s flaws. We have fallen and now subsist on the occasional meaningless writing of nothings.

Today we are changing our purpose and our motivation. With power not of myself, The Bruce sweeps away that past and declares that each of us shall be men of the arena. Indeed we already are, but we have not generally related these experiences at TSJ. Today that changes. We each have the ability to live greatly, to be in this world and yet not of it – stepping aside to examine our life with each other, ourselves, and the teeming masses that are the loyal followers of this our beloved journal. No other post shall be permitted unless they relate your trials and your victories in vivid detail. There is a place for the quick funny, and socio-political observation – in the right context of course.

The Bruce understands that some of you may not have the stomach for it though and if that is the case, you are dismissed.

To those of you remaining: Live greatly. Write well.