For Those of You Planning to Live Forever

Every day scientists are uncovering new secrets of the human enigma, finding new ways to make our lives longer and healthier. Personally, I wouldn’t mind living forever, even if it meant turning myself into a semi-human chemistry experiment, but that’s just me. One could make an argument that eternal life would bring with it a subsequent insanity, loneliness, and boredom, but I would imagine that after 1,000 years or so one would find a way to overcome these little challenges. As many people know, the key to unraveling many of the body’s secrets lies in understanding totipotent stem cells, cells that can become any cell in the body, from brain to bone to muscle cells. One could potentially get these cells by grinding up unborn babies and ingesting the slurry of their potency like a post-modern vampire, but this carries with it some obvious ethical problems, not to mention some wicked indigestion. Many breakthroughs are being made in unlocking the retroactive potency of somatic cells in adults, a fountain of youth of almost limitless potential. The article listed above describes a process of unlocking yet another secret of the human genome, that is understanding the genetic underpinning of Natural Killer cells and their pluripotent roots.