Swine Flu – Get it Now!

This article makes some interesting points on the evolution of new types of Influenza and their ability to change and adapt while remaining virulent and potent. The article seems to suggest that getting H1N1 now would likely increase an individual’s resistance to related strains in the future, while simultaneously pointing out that the dangerous nature of these types of influenza are directly related to their ability to hybridize with other flu strains in the body. So, while the suggestion that individuals seek out and contract the virus might provide increased resistance for the individual, it could also feasibly increase the rate of hybridization and potentially hasten the evolution of influenza A into a super-killer for the rest of society that doesn’t contract the less deadly strain currently circulating. So, in order to protect one’s self and create a certain amount of herd immunity, we should encourage exposure, but in order to limit the deadly effects of certain types of hybridization, exposure needs to be carefully regulated and controlled (a near impossibility). This could be an interesting, if potentially lethal, experiment in mass immunology.