Race Report: Apple Capital Triathlon

On August 22nd I stepped out of my study cave and blinked at the harshness of the sunlight while shaking out my atrophied legs in preparation for a short little race at Daroga State Park outside Wenatchee. The sprint course was a fast one, except for an annoyingly steep climb out of the parking lot on both the bike and run legs. I told myself before starting this race that I was going to race as fast as possible the entire time and try to push myself to exhaustion, and I figured that since it was such a short race, this wouldn’t prove to be too difficult a challenge. It turned out to be a reasonable request, but my ability to mentally force my legs to run faster didn’t quite live up to expectations. Apparently, when you sit in front of a computer screen for two straight months and only venture out for an occasional jaunt to the school or coffee shop to study in a different chair, the legs have a limited amount of go-juice in them. In all the finish was decent, meeting my traditional goals, mostly as a consequence of a small race turnout and not really in reflection of any superb performance on my part:

1) Finish in top 10% of field: Yes, 4th overall out of 57, 4th out of the men, and 1st in my age group of 5.

2) Beat all the women: Yes! Thorough beat down!

3) No real time goal this race, but I finished in 1:09:26. I would like to be under one hour next year for a comparable distance. A reasonable goal, I think, if I actually spend some time training.

I recommend this race for anyone interested in a well-organized, relaxed, fun race with a nice, fast swim and a similarly speedy bike section. If you are looking to run against world-class Age-Groupers, this probably isn’t the place for you, but as with every race in Washington, the quality of competitors seems to get better every year.