I’m back – and more opinionated than EVER before!

To Whom it May Concern, (you)

Listen up. The Bruce, who has enjoyed a lenghtly siesta from TSJ – not only from writing but from reading as well – has returned and been lurking these past few weeks and discovered to his utter horror a lack of bite, heavy handed opinion, and general irreverence for liberals, organic food, and the establishment in general.

What has happened? The Bruce dun up ‘n left – that’s what.

And speaking of folks leaving, where’s that witty, TSA whipping Don Lando been? And where’s our long-winded, registered Libertarian Free Radical gone off to? Let’s go gents, these are the days. This guy Barry has it out for us. And by us I mean the republic, or what’s left of it.

Get off your asses and write, men!

And so on that note, dear friends I now return, rested, rejuvenated, and ready to be brash, argumentative and of course, always right.