Babies, not enough?

As much as I hate to say this, but if we want to stay at the top of the global food chain, we cannot be out-bred by the likes of China, Russia, and Iran in the ever-present baby-race. We have long been losing this battle, and the current recession (or perceived recession) has apparently struck at our baby-makers especially hard. Considering it only seems to be the poor, uneducated, and generally undesirable who are cranking out the rug rats at the moment, I normally wouldn’t bat an eye at this downward sloping trend, but the truth of the situation is that population pressure determines the course of world events to a much greater degree than the course of events determines population pressure. It will be the country with the most people who will win out in the genetic lottery, when we consider that probabilities favor the plentiful. For the same reason that the house always wins in the long run, those countries with the largest populations will eventually produce more geniuses, more great leaders, more military might, and in the end carve out a larger piece of the pie.

The counter argument that population pressures will eventually destroy our planet may be a valid one, but they will also be what pushes us outward, spurs solutions to the misguided management of our resources, and underwrite the guiding hand of the most populous nations. If the American people wish to control the course of human events in this century as we did in the previous, we must do our utmost to maximize our genetic potential into the future, from both a quantity and quality perspective. I am disappointed that quantity may in fact be more important than quality, but the numbers hold this to be true. The great Age of Exploration was not guided onward by a few great men, although they in many ways provided the means for that expansion, but by the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. If not for the huddled masses of old Europe, there would have been no exploration, no New World, no dominance of the European way of life for the last five centuries.

One can argue the “morality” of this dominance, but I would suggest that any morals which do not acknowledge population pressure as their primary motivating factor to be fabricated farces, pretty thoughts designed to impart limits on the movement of a juggernaut. There is no law but population, and the history of man is its servant.