I Want to Go to Space

My greatest dream would be to board a colony ship to Mars or some distant sphere, thousands of lifetimes and light years distant, medical bag in hand, leaving this ravaged and overworked orb far in the distance for an uncertain future of hardship and adventure. Unfortunately, the promises of Popular Science and dozens of 50s space opera serials have hardly lived up to our expectations. What has happened to the dream of reaching for the stars, spreading the wings of progress and leaving this weary rock behind? Why do our dollars pour into making poor people fat and rich people poor and then fat? Why do we spend billions on destroying countries so we can spend billions more to rebuild them? What good is there if millions of children eat breakfast today, if there is nothing left on the table for tomorrow? Why has every decade since the sixties seemed like ten steps backward from harnessing the power of the atom to catapult ourselves into the great beyond?

I am tired of waiting.