New and Better AIDS

A new strain of HIV has been discovered in France, bringing the number of major strains up to four. It is thought this strain originated in Cameroon, and thus far only one confirmed case has emerged. The interesting this about this particular virus seems to be that it is much more closely related to gorilla-AIDS than chimpanzee-AIDS (hereafter referred to as gAIDS and cAIDS). All of the other HIV strains are thought to be descended from one progenitor cAIDS virus, probably transmitted to bush-meat hunters as a result of sloppy slaughtering techniques, or perhaps via a very lonely tribesman. This would suggest that the rate of virus transference between humans and animals in Africa is a continuing problem, and the potential for newer and more deadly viruses to emerge is a marked risk as African hunters and militias encroach more and more into the jungles of the Dark Continent. Scientists have determined this strain to be well adapted to reproducing in the human immune system, suggesting that the mutations necessary for crossing the species barrier may have taken place several years ago, and the virus has likely been circulating around Cameroon and surrounding areas for some time.