Race Report: Issaquah Sprint Triathlon

A beautiful day at Lake Sammamish State Park gave way to a horde of racers, swimming, biking, and running in the morning sunshine, and I was among them. For those of you who don’t know this sprint triathlon consisted of a 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  The swim was fast, and I was out of the water in under six minutes, great for me, considering my #1 goal every race is not drowning. Also, the water was warm and inviting, almost enough not to wear a wetsuit, which on the one hand I kind of which I had done, considering that my foot got stuck in transition and I lost a good 15 seconds trying to get it out. The bike was similarly fast, so much so that I doubt the 15 mile number given by the race officials; my bike computer claims it was closer to 13 miles. My race partner, Ian, and I were only 2 seconds apart after the bike leg, but luckily I beat him on transitions, getting onto the run course with a 40 second lead and holding it through to the end. I wasn’t very happy with my run time, and I definitely see room for improvement on transitions and the bike as well, but overall a great start to the Triathlon season.

Similar to the last race I had a couple of goals, mostly achieved.

1) Finish in top 10% of the field: 88th out of 929 competitors.  12th in Age Group of 69.

2) Was only beat by 9 women, with a maximum time deficit of 4:31. The women are within reach…

3) Finish in under 1:15:00: overall time 1:09:24.

Next up is the Lake Padden Tri on June 27th, a bit longer and tougher. Time to stop drinking beer and start riding my bike…