China’s One Billion Hand-Grenades as realized in data.


A recent article  (Update) in Wired highlights the quality of network data harvested by one company, Arbor Networks. Arbor produces a service called ATLAS that is essentially the threat barometer for the world’s ISPs. Luckily for us they display some of the most interesting information for free!

Adam’s note that hundreds of thousands could be hacking away at Americas internet defenses seemed outlandish, but this site gives reason to think it might not be so.

ATLAS’s summary report (24hrs) on global attacks shows China in astounding dominance with a mammoth 64% of attacks per subnet (A logical and often physical separation of a larger network.)

Look at um go!

Look at um go!

What is even more damning is China’s dominance of host sponsored attack. Of the top 10 hosts, 9 originate in China.

With such overwhelming evidence of hacking activity, I wonder if China’s government is turning a blind eye to a growing monster. It this trend continues the world might have something pretty massive to deal with. And if government sponsored, doubly so.


Thanks guys!