The Bruce Writes Again.

So things have not been super – on second thought, I take that back. Things have actually been really great. I lost my job you see, and after taking a few landscaping/yard work assignments, called an old employer, met with him that afternoon, and was hired on the spot. So that’s good.

I’ve spent a lot of time outside, my backyard is nearly free of “junky” areas now. Hard to believe after the amount of crap I’ve ripped out of my house and left stacked back there. It’s becoming certifiably “park-like” and I’ve had the great pleasure of spending countless hours there playing with my dear sons and gardening with my darling wife. So that’s been good.

Looks like I’ll soon be joining the ranks of most of my friends and attending school, this time for a Masters of Education. Yessiree, goin’ into the family biz. Both my parents are teachers you know, pretty good at it, awfuly well known in these parts… but I call it the family biz because it will allow me to take this shining jewel of warm, lazy days and family time I’ve recently enjoyed and make it a permanent fixture in my life. And that is very good.