Got Frogs?

As you listen to this speech, pay especially close attention to the use of the words “most important stakeholders.”  The purpose of a government is to protect people’s property rights and enforce voluntary contracts.  It’s one thing when they get themselves tangled up in all sorts of other things that they claim are in the “public interest” but look what’s happening here.  Our president is now taking sides in a transaction of private property in order to help the stakeholders he considers to be the most important.  He is choosing to stand with certain private interests and not to stand with others.  He is publicly chastising people for not being willing to give up their property at a price he decides is reasonable. 

 I am reminded of an old parable about a town with an infestation of frogs.  In order to get rid of the frogs they brought in an infestation of frog eating snakes.  Then to get rid of the snakes they had to bring in snake eating gorillas.  When a citizen asked what they would do about the gorillas, she was assured that it was no problem since when winter came they would all freeze to death.  We have now had a financial collapse caused by government encouraged irresponsible lending, borrowing and consuming.  Then we fixed it with a wave of crisis eating bailouts.  Then that caused people to become too unreasonable about relinquishing their property supposedly because they would rather hold out for a bailout.  But don’t worry ’cause here comes a wave of property seizing gorillas just in time.  My only question: when will winter come?