Lies = Justice

Former Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), convicted of accepting more than $250,000 in gifts and free rennovations was recently cleared of all charges, conveniently after narrowly losing a reelection bid in November 2008 in the midst of the scandal. Now, federal prosecutors are being brought up on contempt charges, after evidence has surfaced of perjury by key witnesses and conflicting statements in the prosecutor’s notes and in the trial, to the extent that the judge wouldn’t trust the Justice Department to conduct a thorough or for that matter legal investigation of the obvious corruption that leads deep into its own leadership.

In the end the loser again seems to be the American people, as trust in the institutions continues to errode, politicians are judged not on the content of their character but on their ability to spin their misappropriations, and the pursuit of power has far overreached the fair and just governance of the people in even our highest offices. This whole situation, from the obvious malfeasance of a US Senator to the well-timed political machinations of the Justice Department, makes me ill.