Race Report: Whidbey Island Marathon

Today, I participated in the Whidbey Island Half Marathon. I did this in lieu of the Whidbey Island Marathon in an effort to prevent unbearable pain, agony, and possibly a melodramatic death scene at the 20-mile marker. I had three goals, two of which I achieved, much to my delight, and the third in which I did not succeed, but I attest to the obvious inundation of illegal use of horse testosterone among female amateur distance runners.

My three goals were:

1) Finish the race in under 1:45:00, check. (The current world record is 58:33, held by Samuel Winjiru of Kenya.)

2) Finish in the top ten percent of the men, check. (well, technically 11%…)

3) Beat every woman in the race, not check. (although the female winner only beat me by 10 minutes)

In all, the race was a good one. I felt solid throughout, except for a brief period of mild indigestion on the downhill at mile marker five. I think it might have been the chocolate flavored GU that my stomach doesn’t really agree with. The scenery was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and the support staff was efficient and effective. I could complain about the wind, but sometimes a little breeze at your back is a welcome boost. An excellent start to the racing season, and I look forward to sharing more race reports with you in the future.