New World Order

Ok, I know it is a cardinal sin in the blogosphere to ask for more than five minutes of someone’s time but I think it would be well worth your while to read “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.  It is very short.  Then read this article and note the following.  First, although the technical and political hurdles to implementing this are indeed “enormous,” technically this is not much different fundamentally than implementing the euro (though on a larger scale) and in some ways may be easier because it would not have to actually replace all other currencies.  Also, Joseph Stiglitz is a former Clinton adviser and Nobel-laureate.  He is a very big deal in the field of economics, so this is not just China barking in the dark.  Second, just read this sentence three times out loud: “The IMF has been working on a proposal to issue bonds, probably only to central banks.”  Third, China has a “rainy-day fund!” How responsible of them (suckers).