More and New Taxes for Everyone?

Following up on Free Radical’s editorial on “fixing the economy” and my own recent post on the positive effect of mass executive suicide at AIG, today I noticed a supposed “victory” against the evil AIG executives. Congress’ solution: tax the bonuses at 90%. The government strategy of taxing and spending and again taxing the same dollars in order to spend them again seems like one of the most successful campaigns to artificially inflate the GDP I have ever seen. Who could possibly have come up with a more brilliant plan for making our economy look healthy at the expense of every single capitalist principle our country was built upon?

My answer to this, as with most mind boggling queries of the day, must be robots. And not even well-constructed, believable robots, but more like the rubber-masked, low-budget actors in the timeless classic, Robot Holocaust.

Oh, the humanity! Its so lifelike!

Oh, the humanity! It's so lifelike!