Happy Birthday, TSJ.

Well, what now?

Well, what now?

How quickly a year can pass. Only yesterday it seems I was insulting Don Lando’s manliness. But today as we continue to spend ourselves in a worthy cause, The Sagamore Journal turns one.

On this day that will eventually go down in history, TSJ is officially requesting suggestions on any topic. Your submission can range from a link to some interesting tidbit or a specific author’s commentary to a full fledged article on your favorite topic and may be emailed to abcampbell@gmail.com.

In 2009 The Bruce is interested in Health Care, Education, Natural Resources, and Fitness/Outdoor Adventure (The Strenuous Life). Additionally, I’d like to see someone regularly producing topical cartoons for the TSJ Humor Stream.

Thank you one and all for your continued support of The Sagamore Journal.