Update on the Collapse of Iceland

The Icelandic economic and political catastrophes of recent months have seemed to mellow to a degree; however, the fact that nearly 60% of voters still support joining the EU and abandoning the historical currency, the krona, suggests the populace is still much more willing to give up their freedom than their morning latte.

Professor Gylfi Zoega suggests Iceland must not only join the EU and adopt the euro almost immediately in order to prevent the nation from becoming at all self-reliant, but also that foreign leadership would be preferable to domestic politicians, none of which it seems are able enough to lead the nation in this time of tribulation. I would have to agree, considering that Icelanders must be quite incapable of governing themselves, seeing as they have managed to thrive on an island named “Ice-land” in the middle of the North Atlantic for centuries nearly completely cut off from the outside world.