RE: Hello, Old Chum

After a time, once the fire had subsided and only a few passionately committed embers still burned, Adam the Bruce leaned back in his chair and the faint hint of of a smirk began in the corner of his mouth. “The question is, are we man enough not to do it for our health? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I am.” He cast a sideways glance and the smirk sprang to life. “Hell. It’s high time we got started on this gaw’damned project anyhow. What should we name her? Or do I hafta run this boogerin’ two bit show all by myself?”

The Bruce could see he had struck a nerve. Don Lando hated having his manhood questioned, but in the moment he couldn’t tell which way The Bruce had taken the argument. Vile wine, he thought, I needed two more when we scraped the jug bottom.’

“I see as you’ve left me without a choice,” Lando said, regaining composure, “make your case and let’s have out with it. How’s this to be? I rabble at you and you bluster at me, eh? Any topic’s fair but wives and golf?

“Indeed. Let us bridge Current Affairs, Politics, and as the great T.R. termed it, The Strenuous Life. Let us start with this very small seed:”