For to stick it to The Man wot’s stickin’ it to you…

The Sagamore Journal | Weekend

Yeah I stole that title. It’s off the header of a commercial site, no less. But at the whole point is the content, not the credit.

The folks at ReasonableArgument aren’t big on licensing agreements, but they are of the mindset that one shouldn’t have to sign away safety and freedom every time one interacts with another. As their website says:

What’s the point of having a consumer-protection law if all it takes to get around it is to announce that you’ve agreed to waive your rights by buying something? If consumer protection laws don’t protect people who buy stuff, whom do they protect?”

In considering this it also occurs to me that if I have to pinch every last cent out of the licensing or use of my product or service, maybe the market is deciding my stuff’s just not that great. Granted, in a litigious society such as ours the makers of things have a right to defend their business. But I say the shysterism has gone too far and now consumers can fight back.