The Bruce looks backward – RE: Hello, Old Chum

About a year ago I came off a failed project called SwitchVote and composed a short email to an old friend.

Today I’m writing my friend looking for advice… this project may in fact not materialize. Do you indeed think that this project is worth continuing at all? Have you any inspired ideas as to something else we could do instead?

And his reply:

So, let us again assess our goals. If this is to be for us a joy and not an obligation, perhaps we should reassess the idea… Decentralized systems have a way of never quite dying… they just adapt. The question we most need to answer is whether we want to do A project or THIS project. If it is simply extracurricular activity we’re seeking, then lets begin small with the things that interest us. As others are motivated by our enjoyment of the project, they’ll be free to share in it with interests of their own.

My response:

But I question the success of this beyond “cultivating one’s own garden”. After all, we’re not quite as qualified as or… or could we nevertheless be something similar? And could we build a base? And could we find more contributors committed to writing for us? And does that even matter? On all counts, probably not.

Another reply:

I agree… You can make money just by signing up to write or edit random articles for certain websites.. why would anyone do it for free. As it is I currently write seven market reports and countless news items each week. I’d do more, but probably not for my health. Remember this, it is possible to exist and slowly grow from very small seeds. It’s like I said in that previous email, don’t be scared to be tiny and ineffectual for a long time before the niche develops and turns into something.

And a year ago today:

And so,” he said, unsure as to the next step, “where does that leave us?”

Lando twirled his beard and clicked his remaining teeth thoughtfully. “S’pose I dunno,” he said.

They mused.