Face in palm as America shoots first, asks questions later

How long, oh Lord?

Read if you would the following lead from this AP news item called Meltdown 101: Highlights of economic stimulus plan:

Now that there’s a tentative agreement on the economic stimulus plan that President Barack Obama and other supporters hope will provide a considerable jolt to the economy, how long will it take to get infrastructure and other projects moving? And do economists think the plan is big enough to create millions of jobs?

Exactly the wrong order, sir. Reason dictates that policymakers consider and debate the ramifications prior to acting. I thought that would have been obvious, given my assumption that we were agreed on the idea of maintaining a civilization.

I am reminded of a saying about people getting the government they deserve. This journalist with a single lead has effectively revealed a cancer that is killing our democracy. The American public, like the powerful nobility in Washington, has recently proven to be motivated by fear to make dangerously rash decisions.