Wholly flawed logic, Batman!

Today, in a failed attempt to shut it down, French know-it-alls gathered at the Place de la Bastille in Paris to protest the bad economy.  Rueters claims the number of misinformed Frenchmen (and women) to be in the hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of government workers that is – private sector participation was virtually nil.

Oops! Guess were not as powerful as we used to be...

Oops! Guess we're not as powerful as we used to be...

Among other demands, protesters want better “pay and conditions” for public transport workers, who ironically enough did not join the strike, but continued their bus routes a usual. Apparently these chaps think that better pay and conditions and keeping dead weight on the government payroll will somehow help the ailing French economy. Of course, private sector workers seem to be perfectly content.

Friends, these French, socialist leeches protest a shrinking government while happily employed, private sector employees look on. It seems the state sponsored jobs of these self-centered socialists are not essential enough to bring the French economic engine to a halt. It’s emblematic of the near total lack of economic sense in the world today.

I could write a lot about how and why, but I’m short on time and we’ve said it all before.