Depression equals dates for single gals, right?

Here’s a quote from a commenter at The Atlantic featured nicely on Instapundit. I’d say this person’s on to something – tax hikes and more oppressive regulations are sure to come. Just give ’em time. Oh, and if you’re against tyranny  and oppressive domestic policy watch out, you’re likely to be labeled as unpatriotic. (because that’s what will make patriotism cool again when O’s sworn in.)

I’m sure they love calling it a Depression in Washington.

It’s sort of like my mother-in-law, who was a young single woman in New York City during World War II. While for many, World War II is remembered as a time of rationing, danger, death, or at least absent family members, my mother-in-law remembered it as a time when she had lots and lots of dates. (New York being full of young officers about to debark, or directing various war-related activities.) Really her golden era.

Likewise, though much of the country suffered during the Depression, for Washington, it was a time when complaints about taxes and regulation were discredited, other power centers were economically crippled, and legislators and executive officials ruled supreme. So I would expect that usage to thrive in Washington.

  • Commenter y81 at The Atlantic via Instapundit