The Front Porch: I’d like to make two points.

Recently, I was informed that someone my age does not have health insurance. That this individual required treatment totaling in the thousands of dollars, and that the bill was picked up by the hospital, or some charity – I’m uncertain as to the specific organization which covered the cost. Upon recovery they announced that rather than pay $80 per month for health insurance,  they would remain uninsured because hey, “somebody will pay for it.”

Holmes refused to take up The Case Against Socialized Medicine becaues the solution was too obvious

Holmes refused to take up The Case Against Socialized Medicine because the solution was too obvious.

This troubles me.

This person is clearly an irresponsible freeloader who is taking advantage of people’s generosity – she’s quite right of course, someone will pay for it. But these private charity programs are designed for people who absolutely cannot afford to insure themselves and their family – or who, in spite of holding an insurance policy, still owe medical bills totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. Many folks are unaware of the fact that hospitals and other organizations have charity programs to pay for medical expenses – even the modest, private clinic in my hometown will give free pediatric care if only you’re below the region’s median income and fill out the correct paperwork.

And that makes my second point.

In this nation, there is absolutely no need for socialized medicine or government run health care because we live in a free and generous culture that has given rise to private systems that help people out. Even if they don’t deserve it.