“The Monopoly on Good Ideas”

Einstein stopped short of proving relativity upon discovering Obama held copyright to all good ideas.

Einstein stopped short of proving relativity when he discovered Obama held patent on all "good ideas."

We now have a Keynesian president.  This is unfortunate because it’s a ridiculous economic theory.  But that’s not the really disturbing thing.  All of a sudden everyone is a Keynesian!  As Republicans and Democrats bicker about exactly how much money to waste and what to waste it on nobody in Washington is standing up and saying “maybe we should stop wasting money…”  Obama wants to keep his plan “ideologically neutral.” But he seems to think that the only two ideologies are wanting to give money to the poor and wanting to give money to the rich.

These aren’t ideologies.  You can’t have a plan which is neutral between the ideology that says you can spend your way out of a recession and the ideology that says you will only make it worse.  These are not different degrees of the same idea, they are totally different ideas.

There is no neutral ground.  But conservatives have to feel like someone is fighting for their ideals so we get republicans saying things like “well it probably shouldn’t go over a trillion,” or “we should call more of it a tax cut.”  These aren’t ideological debates it is just made up conflict to make us feel like the government is reaching some kind of compromise (that’s good to remember).  Stay tuned tomorow to find out why every tax cut brings us closer to communism.