The government they deserve

..New Yorkers will have it, one way or another.

The debate over Hillary Clinton’s senate replacement echos so closely the sort of foolish icon-worship that plagued Rome’s ailing republic some 2,100 years ago, that one can feasibly predict the coming course of events based on that ancient history.

Nevermind that the squeakiest wheel has no practical business on Capitol Hill outside of a guided tour. Caroline Kennedy finally broke her interview boycott only to bumble through one with no less than a dozen unnecessary valley-girl interjections, according to New York’s Daily News.

That’s not so good for someone who wants a job speaking on behalf of millions. But to hear her tell it, you know, everyone is – you know – begging her to run for office.

Either New Yorkers like being told what they know or they just want their own long-haired John Kerry (amirite?!)