about the Bush/shoe thing..

After watching this .gif file a couple dozen times I feel certain that president Bush was smiling, albeit baffled, after he ducked the first shoe.

it helps to have an auxiliary zoom

This is the farewell kiss, you dog!

What happened to the president in the Middle East was apparently the worst insult that can be visited upon another human being. And this in a region famous for its suicide bombers. But don’t get it wrong: this was desperation in its most directly democratic form… er, if you excuse assault on a head of state. Speaking of which, nice job secret circus

Back to the file, notice Iraqi PM al-Maliki making a feeble wave at the second shoe while ol’ dubya deftly dodges the attack. You can almost hear him chuckle, “Too fast for yew, al-Zaidi. heh heh.”

Wonderously, it gets better from there as the current administration formally responds, saying, “There’s no way of knowing what the motivation of the individual was,” and the president clears the air by noting, “I don’t know what his beef is. But whatever it is I’m sure somebody will hear it.”

BAH! We all know full well that people around the world hate George W. Bush. What’s more, we know why they hate him. It is absurd to stand in front of a global audience and claim otherwise.