The Front Porch: The Bruce looks inward.

It has recently come to my attention that The Bruce is in fact quite prideful and does certainly advance his agenda in a loud and boisterous fashion with little regard for those around him. While TSJ enthusiasts may be able to confirm or deny this fact, our newer readers may need some help understanding precisely what I mean – here are some examples:

Your pants don’t fit because of your fat ass.” »Fat People Eat More – New research on weight and behavior

“Let this be a lesson to you all: do not question the wisdom of The Bruce.” »Forbes/BBC: The Bruce was right on target.

“If I can’t at least marinate a chicken in it, there’s really no point to me supporting your cause.” »The Front Porch: Ben Affleck/Sudan bad for salads

The Bruce can in many respects be considered my alter ego, yet I do nevertheless truly believe the ideas I tout, and the feelings I express. Should the perceived protection of this blog excuse me from prideful behavior? I should think not.

While the personality of The Bruce is largely intended to be humorous, one cannot deny my slow departure from comedic arrogance and meaningful content to criticism and unchecked pride. This is clearly evidenced as I post less and less in “The Front Porch” series – indeed as a group we’ve mostly stopped this kind of content altogether, save Mein Schatz’s increasingly infrequent diary posts. Only sixteen percent of The Sagamore Journal’s visitors are direct, returning traffic, what does this say about us? Is it to our detriment, that we cannot muster the strength to be humble or openly pensive or weak?

I am a Christian, and as such I should be acting like one – even in my alter ego. The “you are an idiot” style of composition must undoubtedly go so that a delicate dance may now begin: speaking one’s mind without judgment. Can we do it? Of course. Must we do it? Certainly. Will we do it? You tell me.