This is Not Federalism!

Obama’s latest misdirection

Note the quote from David Osborne who apparently studied federalism: “The federal government should create funding and incentives for the states to try their own models to expand access to health insurance and control costs and improve quality.”  This is just the federal government deciding what it wants the states to do and then making them do that by manipulating their funding.  This is directly opposed to the principles of federalism!  What’s more this shows no commitment to let states actually choose their own policies in the long run.  It is just a way to let states try things out so that the federal government can choose the policies it likes once they have been tested and then impose those policies on all states (“where Washington is investing in what works”).

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had fifty states with different cultures and policies.  We could actually each choose the type of government we wanted to live in.  The hippies could have a big love-fest in California or Vermont. The skinheads would be all holed up in Idaho drinking their haterade.  We libertarians could all move to Montana or Nebraska or someplace like that that would let us be free and keep our own wealth (along with most major industry and big business).  The federal government would protect us all from outsiders and each other and we’d all be happy.  We’d have the kind of government we want and we wouldn’t have to hate our neighbors because they wouldn’t be imposing thier values on us through the government.  This has nothing to do with using states as “laboratories for change.”  I’m just saying…..