Fat People Eat More – New research on weight and behavior.

Somebody likes Chinese Buffets!

Somebody likes Chinese buffets!

Buffet Behavior: The Science of Pigging Out »LiveScience

In the ongoing saga of fat people versus healthy people, a groundbreaking new study from Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab has exposed the big fat truth about obesity. Fatties who cling to the notion of an obese gene will likely be forced to find new arguments to counter such scientifically-backed accusations as:

  • “You are fat because you take a bigger plate at the buffet
  • “You are overweight because you chew less and thereby eat more in less time.”
  • “You are an obese cow because you don’t care what you eat, you just start shoveling crap into your gaping maw.”
  • “Your pants don’t fit because of your fat ass.”

Fat people, overeating is a function of behavior, and yes, you can control that. Stop pigging out and make some lifestyle adjustments that truly help you and your fellow citizens (especially if you live in Canada), not to mention lighten the load on the US health care system.